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Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse

6002 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704  -  (208) 378-8808

If you are a fan of Benihana you will love Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse. The chef here at Kyoto are fun and entertaining and they prepare the amazing food, after experiencing Kyoto Benihana will come off looking vastly inferior by comparison. Very good food and personable, prompt service. Just make sure to call ahead for a reservation if you plan on visiting the Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse. There is also a sushi bar, which is often overlooked even though it is of the utmost quality.

Flying Pie Pizzaria

6508 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83704  -  (208) 345-0000

Flying Pie has a culture all its own and it's been that way for decades; the crew is wonderfully Bohemian, the pizza selection continues to evolve and innovate, meanwhile the beer and wines selections that accompany the pizza are thoughtfully selected and top shelf. What sets Flying Pie apart? For example the choice of sourdough crust that adds a unique tartness to each and every bite; which is particularly refreshing when combined with many of their creative pizzas.

Sushi Joy Asian Cuisine

2275 W Main St, Boise, ID 83702  -  (208) 433-8888

I know you are skeptical of a sushi restaurant in Idaho, but once you visit Sushi Joy you will be a life long believer. Their dishes are amazing, they are incredibly tasty and presented beautifully. The portion size is incredibly generous on most of their dishes allowing you to take half of your meal home for lunch the next day. If you are heading downtown and looking for a place to stop for dinner Sushi Joy is the place you will want to stop, call ahead for optimal service if you have a large group.

Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery

610 W Grove St, Boise, ID 83702  -  (208) 426-0538

The atmosphere is electric, the alcoholic beverages are very unique as they make their own vodka, gin and rum as well as their own fresh squeezed juices, and their casual northwestern style cuisine is excellent. Because the atmosphere is so casual, I wouldn't call it fine dining but they have higher quality dishes than many fine dining restaurants. The building itself is a beautiful old brick structure, and to their credit they didn't pack the dining area with every possible table they could squeeze in.