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Sarsaparilla Ice Cream Parlor

205 S Main St Idaho City, ID 83666  -  (208) 392-4484

Sarsaparilla Ice Cream Parlor is our favorite place to enjoy homemade ice cream in the area. The best part about it is the fact that they make absolutely everything homemade, even the waffle cones! The ice cream display is almost hypnotizing here, and the portions are enormous. There is limited seating indoors, but when the weather is nice, it's always good to take a walk and enjoy it!

Diamond Lil’s

407 & 409 Main St Idaho City, ID 83631  -  (208) 392-4400

Diamond Lil's is a laid back, warm steakhouse with an ambience that can't be denied. The bar is dimly lit with glass lighting features, while the interior is outfitted in dark wood. It's a neighborhood bar that is known for its low prices and high quality. This quaint saloon offers a refuge for those who are sick of the modern, chic, and pretentious bars that are often found nowadays.

Gold Mine Grill & Saloon

3867 Hwy 21 Idaho City, ID 83631  -  (208) 392-2233

Gold Mine Grill & Saloon is a traditional bar with a lot to offer when it comes to food and drink. The interior is contemporary, and we can't get enough of the home made onion rings. When you order from the menu here, you might get overwhelmed by all of the different choices you can make, but don't worry, as all of them have proven to be delicious. Give the Gold Mine a try!

Donna’s Place

200 Main St Idaho City, ID 83631  -  (208) 392-6000

Come on down to Donna's Place where the food is always delicious! We love that you always have the option of ice cream here, as well. There's nothing better than enjoying a big burger with your pulled pork and coleslaw. The friendly waitresses really make you feel at home, while the Works Burger will definitely have you coming back. We're confident that you'll enjoy the down home atmosphere.