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Lock Stock & Barrel

1100 W Jefferson St Boise, ID 83702  -  (208) 336-4266

Lock Stock & Barrel is a local steak house with a lot of premium quality for you to enjoy. From the service to the made to order food, you're sure to leave here feeling completely satisfied. We recommend trying out their horseradish mashed potatoes if it happens to be your first time eating here. It's always worth while to ask your waitress if they happen to be running any specials on food or drink today, as you might save some money on your dinner. We know you're going to enjoy their macaroni and cheese as a side.


1002 W Main St Boise, ID 83702  -  (208) 336-5552

Asiago's is an Italian restaurant to consider eating at. We know you're going to enjoy eating out here with family and friends! They really know how to deliver when it comes to customer service. We recommend trying out their vitello caprese with a lemon vermouth reduction. The mixture of flavors here is sure to entice you and your taste buds. The wine selection is another aspect of this restaurant that you're going to want to consider when trying to find a new spot to check out in the area.

Eddie’s Restaurant

7067 W Overland Rd Boise, ID 83709  -  (208) 377-3340

Eddie's Restaurant is a local diner with a lot of variation on their menu. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner you're looking to get, you'll be able to find it here in an affordable fashion. The efficient service and friendly faces makes this a go-to for many of the locals. You're going to want to leave room for dessert whenever you decide to eat out here with family or friends. This is a local spot for eating that will definitely go above and beyond your expectations, so give it a shot for your next meal.

The Local

5616 W State St Boise, ID 83703  -  (208) 336-6991

The Local is a bar that offers small plates along with their delicious crafted cocktails and selection of rare beers. We love sitting on their patio with a drink, especially when the weather is agreeable. The pretzel and popcorn are two things you'll simply have to try while drinking here. Many of the locals cite this as their go-to spot for a cheap beer, and we can see why that is. The bartender will be happy to let you know about the daily specials whenever you decide to make your way out here for a drink!